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Childcare and Preschool Entertainment Rewards Program - FREE SIGN UP

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ACP Entertainment Rewards Enrollment Form - Terms and Conditions


Atlanta Character Parties and Mystical Parties LLC (”ACP/MP”) would like to invite your childcare center or preschool to sign up for ACP Entertainment Rewards. When your childcare center or preschool becomes part ofACP Entertainment Rewards, your parents can choose to support your childcare center or preschool with eligiblepurchases made at ACP which will help your childcare center or preschool earn Entertainment Rewards.

For every dollar spent on these select services, your center receives POINTS in their Entertainment Rewards Program.

Eligible Purchases and POINTS Earned:

  • 10 POINTS: Parents Sign Up for Atlanta Character Parties Newsletter

  • 225 POINTS: Book a 1 hour character visit

  • 195 POINTS: Book a 1 hour mascot visit

  • 145 POINTS: Book a 30 minute mascot visit


How to Redeem POINTS:

You may redeem POINTS by submitting a booking request into the Atlanta Character Parties website for the entertainment requested. We will apprise of you of the POINTS required and the POINTS you have earned.  Payment can be made via all POINTS or with a POINT/Cash combo.

Example:  Face Painter for 2 hours: 2500 POINTS

Please note that participation in ACP Entertainment Rewards is subject to the included ACP Entertainment Rewards Participation Terms (“Terms”), which can be found below. The Terms are subject to change.

In order to participate in ACP Entertainment Rewards, please complete the below online Enrollment Form


Once your completed form has been processed, you will receive your Center Voucher Code and your parents will be able to support your center. 

For questions related to the completion of this form, please contact ACP Customer Care during normal businesshours at 404-579-9057.                                                                                                                     

Participation Terms

  • Childcare center or preschools must be an accredited public or private childcare center or preschool providing academic education in order to be eligible to participate in (and to continue participation in) the ACP Entertainment Rewards Program (“Program”). ACP reserves the right to determine whether a particular entity is an eligible childcare center or preschool. Program is only available for childcare center or preschools located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Promotional Materials will be provided to childcare center or preschool monthly.

  • ACP will make quarterly reports to a childcare center or preschool based on the accumulated eligible sales that are made at ACP during the applicable fiscal quarter by parents who have selected to support that childcare center or preschool under the Program.

  • At anytime, ACP may, at its sole discretion, decide to continue the Program, modify the Program and/or these terms, or discontinue the Program. By continuing to participate in the Program following such modifications childcare center or preschools agree to be bound by such modifications. If a childcare center or preschool wants to discontinue their participation in the Program, the childcare center or preschool shall notify ACP of its request in writing. The childcare center or preschool will forfeit all POINTS at the time that the childcare center or preschool discontinues participation.

FREE Entertainment Rewards Program Enrollment for Childcare Centers and Preschools

Thank you for Enrolling in the Entertainment Rewards Program! After processing, we will assign you a Center Voucher Number.


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