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My name is Stephanie Carter and Mystical Parties was formed in January 2009. I am a mother of 3 wonderful daughters. My children and I performed in many community theater productions throughout the years. During that time, I performed, applied makeup to the actors, created costumes, wigs, wrote and directed several productions.

In addition to community theater, my two youngest cheered with the community rec. football league. Every year, each team is required to have a booth for the annual fundraising jam. One of the team moms and myself decided that we could probably do some simple face painting.

Well, what I found out was that, I was actually pretty good at it, so I created Mystical Faces and started working around town face painting at parties. It did not take long before my customers started asking about characters and princesses. With my oldest daughter as our very first princess, Mystical Parties was born.


Today, Mystical Parties has over 15 staff character performers plus some of most amazing face painters and balloon twisters in Georgia.

We also provide extreme sports entertainment, caricaturist, stiltwalkers, musical acts, holdiay entertainment and so much more.

Since that day it has grown beyond my belief.

This is my explanation of its growth....

The first church service of the 2009 year began like this...
Your watching a singer on the stage and, if I had just half that talent...

Well, my question to you you think God is not powerful enough to give you that much talent and more? God is a big God!!! He wants you to be successful, talented and happy. So why ask Him for just part....why not ask God for something big?

So with that came the following quote for my life.




It is really amazing what God can do if you just let Him.  Oh...and don't forget to thank Him for everything!

With all that said, here is our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality  family entertainment in Georgia; and to make people happy. We believe that requires amazing performers who truly love working with children and the young at heart.  We believe that all performances should be family friendly. We believe in glitter, sparkles and mud pies. We believe that we must Think Big, Take Action and Rely on GOD for the results. We believe the best part  of life is making memories with your friends and family and we want to ensure that our performances create a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime.


Update - Oct. 2015

So there's some exciting news for Mystical Parties.....Eastern Onion Entertainment is now a division of Mystical Parties LLC.

Eastern Onion has been around since bell bottoms came around the first time providing singing telegrams in Atlanta. Some of you probably even had a singing telegram back in the day.

How did this happen you ask?  Well....Over the summer I was contacted by the owners of Eastern Onion and they informed me that they were wanting to retire.  Being from Atlanta, I knew exactly who Eastern Onion was and could not believe that this could be true.

I knew this was a great opportunity and really wanted to take on the challenge, but did not have all the finanical things in place to make it happen. So...I told everyone that I needed to pray about it and that if this was what God wanted for me, then he will create the means for it to happen.  AND HE DID!

Trust in God for all things including finances. Say it out loud. Say it to everyone. God will provide. He puts things in place for you, but if you are not looking, you may not see it.  Think Big, Take Action and Rely on God for the Results.


Oct. 2019 - 

Wow, so much has changed in such a short time. I am now a grandmother of 3 and I have met the love of my life. Yes, that's us in the photo! As far as Mystical Parties and Eastern Onion we are still plugging along and have launched Atlanta Character Parties. 

We decided to take all the character parties and move them to their own website. 

So now, in order to better service the different areas of our business, each website is more focused:

Mystical Parties: Corporate Events

Eastern Onion: Grown Up Parties, Singing Telegrams and Yard Greetings

Atlanta Character Parties: Children's Parties and Events

We hope you will check out each site and let us know what you think!

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